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Commercial Water & Flood Damage

When Business is on the Line, Rapid Dry is on the Way!

  • Fast, Affordable Commercial Flood Services
  • Serving businesses in Rochester and throughout Western NY State
  • Trusted, Locally-Owned Water Removal Specialists

Dealing with an office full of standing water isn't just frustrating, it can be incredibly costly to your business.  Losing even one day of business, in some industries, can be especially devastating. Rapid Dry Commercial Flood Services, located in Rochester NY, is the water removal company of choice among businesses who can't afford to wait. 

Is standing water hurting your business?  Rapid Dry is a full-service water removal and flood restoration company, located in Rochester and specializing in:

  • Commercial Water Damage Restoration Company Rochester NYFlooded Offices and Workspaces
  • Commercial Basement Flooding 
  • Water Removal for Property Managers
  • Apartments and Condo Flood Service
  • Offices Suites & Shopping Centers
  • Hospital & School Flooding
  • Corporate Garage Water Removal

No matter what type of situation you're dealing with, or how severe your water removal project may be, the flood remediation professionals at Rapid Dry will get you back to work fast!

Office Flooding

We arrive quickly, assess the situation properly, and then remove any and all signs of water and moisture thoroughly.  This allows your staff to get back to work, so you can continue to serve your customers and clients.

Commercial Basements

Many businesses have basements, and unfortunately, basements tend to flood - even when you'd least expect it.  No worries.  We are well-versed in the most efficient ways to remove water from flooded commercial storage and basements.

Flood Cleanup and Removal

It's not so much the flood that needs prompt attention, but the responsiveness and intuition of those called to resolve the situation.  In addition to expedited water removal, we also help protect and remove any vital items, while recovering as much as possible during clean-up.

Mold Inspection, Cleaning, Remediation

Mold is something no business can afford to ignore.  In addition to the unpleasantness it creates in the workplace, it also has serious health risks.  Our team of mold cleaning experts will ensure that your office is free of mold formations, or offer solutions on removing it.

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