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Mold Removal for Rochester Homes and Basements

"Flooding paves the way for a silent and aggressive contaminant, lurking in your home and waiting to wreak havoc, and its name is mold…"

Here's something to consider:  If you knew that your playroom was crawling with mold, would you be comfortable letting your kids and their friends play in there, for hours on end?  Probably not.  Many older homes in New York have mold, albeit unknown to the homeowner.  When it comes to the health of your loved ones, you simply can't afford to roll the dice with mold.

Rapid Dry: Mold's Sworn Arch Enemy in New York

There's a reason why mold doesn't like us.  Because once we've finished,  the mold that once lived in your walls and floors won’t be showing its ugly green face anytime soon; not in your home, anyways.

  • Highly-Trusted Residential Mold Remediation Services
  • Fully Insured for Residential Decontamination
  • Technicians With Years of Experience in Mold Detection 
  • We Use Industrial-Grade HEPA Filtration Vacuums
  • All Rooms Sterilized for your Family's Comfort and Protection
  • Offering Mold Remediation for All Types of NY Residences
  • We Stand Firm Behind all Mold/Flood Service Performed

The trick to mold remediation, is thoroughness.  You can’t miss anything, or the entire job is compromised.  Sadly, it's safe to assume that some companies bank on this, as a way to get repeat business.  This is not the case at Rapid Dry in Rochester.  Instead, we work to earn your business by consistently performing at the top of our abilities.

Superior Process, Superior Results

Our mold removal experts will utilize their advanced HEPA filtration vacuum, hot water extraction, high-tech air filters and modern sterilization systems for a safe disposal of mold and contaminated residential structures.

If you suspect mold accumulation in your home, do not put it off.  Call the professionals at Rapid Dry today, for a free consultation and estimate, or to schedule an inspection.

For 24 Hour and Emergency Basement Mold Remediation

Call our mold helpline at: 585-663-0510


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