Humidity Removal

Humidity Removal

We Can Lower Humidity Levels in Any Structure, Large or Small.

Humidity is the measure of water vapor contained in the air. As a normal component of the climate, humidity can presage the arrival of rain, and create a feeling of heat or stuffiness. Excessive indoor humidity can damage products, possessions, and important documents, affect your structure’s heating or cooling, and pave the way for other problems. At Rapid Dry Services, we take pride in our service of humidity removal before the issue spirals out of control.

While a high indoor humidity does not mean it will rain inside your house, it will create its own set of trouble. Specifically, high humidity will encourage the growth of mold, dust mites, bacteria, and fungus. Carpet especially will become a breeding ground for these unwanted organisms. If you worry that the humidity inside your home or business has risen too high, contact (585) 308-2264 today for humidity removal in Rochester and Buffalo, NY.

Signs You Need Humidity Removal

Humidity Removal

Our Trained, Expert Technicians Have the Knowledge and Tools to Render Excellent Service.

The de-humidification process we’ve fine-tuned over the past 10 years is affordable, efficient, and supported by our unconditional satisfaction guarantee. If you have become concerned about humidity in your facility or home, call us today for a free assessment. A couple of signs can provide clear indication that your humidity levels have risen too high.

Glass Condensation: If condensation appears on the interior of glass, you likely have a humidity problem. The condensation will appear as a fog, vapor, or beads of water on the glass of windows and patio doors. Eventually, this condensation will rot your window casings.

Mold Spots: As humidity encourages the growth of mold, you may begin to notice its appearance in corners or on the ceiling. Since moisture in the air rises, you can often blame humidity for mold that appears higher on your walls.

At Rapid Dry, we aim to safeguard your home or business through the reduction of humidity. At our company, we:

  • Utilize the latest and best humidity-control technology
  • Employ only experienced, factory-trained technicians
  • Provide a full spectrum of moisture removal and humidity services
  • Supply an affordable alternative to expensive structural modifications
  • Offer emergency repair services
  • Have very competitive rates, and offer maintenance packages to bring costs down further.

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As far too many business owners, property managers, and homeowners learn, moisture doesn’t just go away. High humidity can quickly escalate into a mold infestation and damage to the structure itself. If you need humidity removal in Rochester or Buffalo, NY, call Rapid Dry now at (585) 308-2264. Our experienced, talented team will quickly provide a solution to your problems.