Portageville, NY Water Damage Cleanup

Water Damage Cleanup

Rapid Dry Can Handle Residential and Commercial Floods.

Reach out to our team at Rapid Dry Services whenever you need water damage cleanup in our service area. People who reside in Portageville, NY can call our team whenever you need at (585) 308-2264. Decades of combined knowledge enables our team to make quick and comprehensive answers to almost any problem.

Our superior restoration services cover flood, fire, and mold issues. We are proud of what we provide for the community, and look forward to assisting you.

Water Damage Cleanup and Other Services

Water Damage Services

Water Damage Cleanup

Fire and Water Damage Both Occur During Natural Disasters. At Rapid Dry, We’re Experts with Both.

The basis of our work is restoration service for water, fire, and mold. Our total carpet cleaning and air duct services can also benefit homes and businesses.

Water and Flood

We specialize in water and flood damage at Rapid Dry Services. Our technicians and equipment can handle any amount of water.

  • Standing Water Removal If you fail to drain pooled water rapidly, it will be detrimental to your health.
  • Sewage Removal Our sewage elimination work is rapid, reponsible, and sanitary.
  • Flood Restoration Floodwater must be drained as quickly as possible to prevent damage and salvage irreplaceable goods.
  • Water Seepage and Cracked Pipes Soaked soil will force moisture into the basement to create water seepage.
  • Basement Flood Damage A basement’s location makes it flood more frequently than other areas of the house.
  • Disaster Clean-Up At Rapid Dry Services, we will complete any type of disaster-related repairs.

Fire & Smoke Services

Fire and Smoke

Smoke and fires can devastate a home or commercial structure. To fully repair smoke damage, we have tools that can extract even the most entrenched pieces of soot.

  • Fire Restoration Fire-damaged residences and commercial structures can be totally restored with Rapid Dry.
  • Fire and Smoke Cleanup Entrenched traces of smoke and fire stick around long after the fire goes out.

Mold Cleanup Services


Enlist Rapid Dry for removal, and you will safeguard your loved ones, employees, or customers from mold’s harmful effects.

  • Mold Cleaning Since mold eradication comes with health risks, you should entrust it to the Rapid Dry.
  • Basement Mold Removal Mold locates its perfect foothold in dim, damp basements.
  • Mold Removal Mold represents a danger to both structures and their occupants. 

Air Duct & Carpet Services

Air Ducts and Carpet Cleaning

Do you want to breathe easier? Set up periodic air duct and carpet maintenance from Rapid Dry. Your HVAC and carpeting will also benefit with increased longevity.

  • Carpet Cleaning and Drying Even dirty, stained carpets will reacquire their previous attractiveness following our carpet drying and cleaning services.
  • Air Duct Cleaning Dirty air ducts will lower air quality and encourage respiratory issues.
  • De-Humidifying Aside from discomfort, high humidity can damage fragile items and encourages the presence of mold.

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Call (585) 308-2264 today to learn additional information in regards to our business or schedule work. If you live in Portageville, NY and need fire or flood restoration, air duct or carpet cleaning, or water damage cleanup, choose the pros at Rapid Dry Services.