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Boarding Roof Tarp Services in Rochester and Buffalo, NY

Board-Up and Roof Tarp Services in Rochester & Buffalo, NY

The moment firefighters are finished extinguishing the flames, property owners begin planning the restoration process. Every homeowner wants the house refurbished and life to return to normal as quickly as possible, but many circumstances prevent that from happening. During the transition period, many homeowners find temporary housing and need board-up and roof tarp services from Rapid Dry to protect their property and possessions.

Among the most likely reasons to postpone the restoration process include:

  • Inclement weather
  • Delays in the insurance claim
  • Limited funds
  • Shortage of housing materials and supplies
  • Waiting for the approval of permits and plans

While you are stuck in transition mode, your home or office in the Buffalo and Rochester, New York area could be exposed to the elements for a very long time. That is why it is in your best interest to contact Rapid Dry to have your property boarded-up and tarped until the repair process begins.

Roof Tarps and Boarded Windows Can Protect a Damaged Home From Additional Threats.
Homes That Suffer Through a Fire Become Especially Vulnerable.

Why You Need Board-up & Roof Tarp Services

Boarding and tarping are your best courses of action for any transition period. They provide the best possible protection for your property and its contents.

Boarding up your windows, doors, and other structural openings will prevent intruders, thieves and pests from entering your property. The tarp will guard your damaged home or business against high winds and excessive rainfall.

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In addition to protecting your fire-damaged property, the boards and tarp also serve as a barrier if a major storm surfaces before the repairs can be completed.

Contact Rapid Dry to Rebound from Your Fire-Related Emergency

If your property in Rochester or Buffalo, New York needs board-up and roof tarp protection, contact Rapid Dry or give us a call at 585-252-5929. Our company is skilled in all aspects of fire and smoke restoration, from smoke clean-up to boarding and tarping. Our licensed, IICRC-certified technicians have the skill, experience, and necessary equipment to do the job quickly and make sure that your property is not disturbed while you’re waiting for the repairs to proceed.