Fire Damage Restoration in Rochester and Buffalo, NY

Fire Damage Restoration

Once the Firefighters Handle Their Part, Let Us Do the Rest.

For fire damage restoration throughout western New York, more and more home and business owners trust Rapid Dry Services. The reason comes from our impeccable service, which puts industry-leading technicians right on the scene to perform flawless work. When fire and smoke ravage your structure, you may feel hopeless, as if nothing could return your life to normal. Thankfully, Rapid Dry does just that, thanks to our thorough process and modern equipment.

As a fully-insured and licensed fire restoration company, we’ve created a long track record of success. We practice care and expediency in all of our jobs, so you can get back to work or life without the stress of damage or ever-present reminders. For all fire damage restoration in Rochester and Buffalo, NY, Rapid Dry stands head and shoulders above the competition. To learn more or schedule service, call us today at (585) 308-2264.

Our Fire Damage Restoration Process

Fire Damage Restoration

When It Comes to Fire and Smoke Damage, Rapid Dry Can Perform Near-Miracles Through Restoration.

Throughout decades of collective experience with fire and smoke restoration, our technicians have gained an immense amount of knowledge for fire damage restoration. As parts of our process, you can expect the following:

A quick response team to render immediate service in the aftermath of a fire. We have 24/7 availability and act fast to get your home or business repaired. In most cases, you can expect a team member to arrive within an hour of contacting us.

The total removal of soot residue and odors. Aside from bad associations, these can cause respiratory problems and other health issues. We also seal fire-damaged areas to preserve and safeguard your structure.

Tests to ensure that no toxic chemicals remain to threaten the health of your structure, family, employees, or customers. If any trace of toxicity remains, whether from smoke or damaged objects, our job hasn’t finished.

Secure decontamination of the entire structure, along with salvageable and irreplaceable goods like expensive electronics, documents, and other valuables. We collect these from the structure to preserve them for your future use. We can also dispose of large debris and unrecoverable items.

Clean air ozone treatment, which supports the comprehensive removal of any lingering smoke molecules or odor. When you return to your home of business, it will feel as if the fire never happened.

Our Services

  • Residential Fire Restoration We practice great care and respect for clients’ homes, and can fully clean, repair, and rebuild a fire and smoke damaged structure.
  • Commercial Fire Restoration Watching your business go up in flames is a traumatic experience. Luckily, Rapid Dry can quickly and thoroughly return things to normal.
  • Fire and Smoke Cleanup Fire and smoke can leave even salvageable items damaged through soot and odors. We provide complete cleanup services for homes and businesses.
  • Boarding and Roof Tarp Services Homes severely damaged in a fire need protection until repairs. We also offer this service to prevent major storm damage.

Call Us Today for Service

We hope that none of our customers have to experience the trauma and stress of a fire. Unfortunately, fires occur all the time, and a building owner should stay prepared. An irreplaceable part of preparation comes from partnership with a proven fire restoration company. At Rapid Dry Services, we are the experts for fire damage restoration in Rochester and Buffalo, NY. As part of our process, we will even lead you through your insurance claims. With a commitment to customer service and unparalleled skills, Rapid Dry stands as the clear choice for an industry leader. Call us today at (585) 308-2264.