Board-Up and Roof Tarp Services

Roof Tarp

Roof Tarps and Boarded Windows Can Protect a Damaged Home From Additional Threats.

Fires can cause serious damage to a home. Unfortunately, when these disasters happen, repairs cannot always follow closely. At Rapid Dry, we offer full boarding and roof tarp services to protect your home or business while you await repairs. We also provide this service in anticipation of major weather events that could leave a structure devastated. For peace of mind that your home or business remains protected, trust our expert team for rapid service.

Boarding and tarping covers your windows with sturdy lumber, and your roof with a resilient tarp. Rain and wind can accomplish little against this defense, which can also protect a structure from vandals and thieves. At Rapid Dry, our number one goal is to protect and restore our clients’ property. Sometimes, boarding and tarping represents the best course of action. To receive superior service for a board-up and roof tarp in Rochester and Buffalo, NY, give us a call today at (585) 308-2264.

Why You Need Boarding and Roof Tarp Services

A board-up and roof tarping job can represent a wise course of action for a couple different scenarios. If you ever need this service from our team, you can count on prompt, thorough, and courteous service.

Roof Tarp

Homes That Suffer Through a Fire Become Especially Vulnerable.

Preventative Maintenance: If a major storm threatens your community, board-up and roof tarping services can act as a true lifesaver. Your home or business will stand strongly protected throughout the event, saving you both heartbreak and the cost of repairs. Boarded up windows protect the windows themselves and the interior of your house from strong winds and thieves who wish to take advantage of disaster conditions. The tarp will guard your roof from the effects of both high winds and excessive rainfall.

Fire Aftermath: A fire in your home will likely have blown out your windows and caused major damage to your roof. Since repairs can take some time, you will need to consider protection throughout the interval. Roof tarping protects a damaged roof from rainfall. A roof compromised through fire cannot prevent the passage of water, which will further deteriorate an already heavily damaged structure. Boarding accomplishes a similar aim, and also secures your home from unauthorized entry while you await restoration.

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If you ever find yourself in need of a board-up and roof tarp in Rochester and Buffalo, NY, trust the expert team at Rapid Dry. We can quickly and efficiently provide strong, durable protection for your home or business. To learn more or schedule service, give us a call today at (585) 308-2264.