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Basement Mold Removal in Rochester and Buffalo, NY

Basement Mold Removal in Rochester and Buffalo, NY

The basement is often presented as a dark and damp space, so it is not surprising to find mold growing there. The problem rests with discovering the issue and doing nothing to remove it because mold can create several problems in your home. Some of the challenges include:

  • Wood rot
  • Musty smell to your indoor air
  • Exposure to mold spores and other harmful toxins
  • Increased risk of allergies or asthma attacks
  • Structural damages to moldy surfaces
  • Potential exposure to some cancer-causing mold spores

Removing mold can be a difficult task, especially if your basement’s moisture level is high. To ensure that your property’s atmosphere is restored back to its original condition, it’s in your best interest to contact Rapid Dry for help.

Our Mold Removal Involves Various Techniques Customized for Every Basement.
Mold Proliferates in Dark, Damp Places — Which Makes a Basement the Ideal Environment.

Rapid Dry Will Get Rid of Your Mold Problem 

Wiping or cleaning the affected surface can remove mold, but that isn’t enough to stop the contaminant from coming back. As long as your basement is retaining a lot of moisture, mold will remain persistent.

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Rapid Dry is well-versed with the composition of mold and the dangerous consequences it can inflict on your property and possessions.  We provide reliable and fast mold-removal services in Rochester and Buffalo, New York. Our process is designed to control the moisture in the basement and eliminate mold right down to its core. Because of this, our procedures are more powerful than your basic home-cleaning techniques.

Our licensed and IICRC-certified technicians are armed with state-of-the-art mold removal systems that track and determine the type of mold you have in your basement. They know the removal technique for each type of mold, whether you are dealing allergenic mold (triggers asthma and allergies), pathogenic mold (produces infections, impacts the lungs) or the most-dangerous option, toxigenic mold (triggers nose bleeds, can cause cancer).

Learn More About the Proven Mold Remediation Services from Rapid Dry  

When your basement is impacted by mold, it's time to eliminate the problem by calling the proven professionals from Rapid Dry. We offer proven mold remediation services to eliminate mold from your basement in Buffalo or Rochester. Contact us online or call us at 585-252-5929 to get a free estimate or learn more about our superior services. When you have an emergency, our crews ready to respond on a 24/7 basis.