Mold Cleaning

Mold Cleaning

An Outbreak of Mold Prior to Rapid Dry’s Cleaning.

Many people incorrectly believe that they can simply scrub mold away with normal cleaning products. Unfortunately, this dangerous substance presents an issue best left to professional care. Rapid Dry Services stands as the area leader for mold cleaning in Rochester and Buffalo, NY. When you hire us to solve your mold issue, you can rest assured of thorough, quality service.

Mold presents a health hazard, not only in its presence, but also through its removal. For home and business owners in western NY, the presence of Rapid Dry Services leaves little reason to brave this process on your own. We offer comprehensive, thorough removal of mold far beyond what any homeowners — or other contractors — can manage alone. To speak with one of our technicians or schedule service, call us today at (585) 308-2264.

Why Professional Mold Cleaning?

If you’ve noticed the signs of mold, or have recently had an issue with flooding, leaks, or sewage backup, contact us for a mold inspection right away. Removal can quickly become a complicated, hazardous affair, one best trusted to experts with years of experience. Professional mold cleaning from Rapid Dry comes with several benefits.

Mold Cleaning

Following Rapid Dry’s Service, the Same Segment Has Become Free of Mold.

Thoroughness: Regardless of the level of effort, a home or business owner simply cannot match the thoroughness of professional mold cleaning. Mold will reappear if the tiniest amount remains to spread in the right conditions. Rapid Dry ensures removal above and beyond what is offered elsewhere, to the extent that your structure remains secure against future outbreaks.

Better Health: The removal of mold can quickly become a nasty business. Remember, many types of mold present a real health hazard, one that exacerbates when the mold becomes agitated through removal.

Discover the Source: As a component of our inspection and mold cleaning, we will do our best to discover the source of the outbreak. In all likelihood, microscopic mold spores remain present in practically every building. What creates an issue is when the environmental conditions become right to encourage mold’s growth. Rapid Dry Services will both find and remedy the cause of your infestation, whether it’s a leaky pipe or high humidity.

Let Us Remove Your Mold

We take pride in all of our work, and look forward to filling your need for mold cleaning. When you work with us, you can bank on our extensive experience and dedication to a job well done. For any mold cleaning in Rochester or Buffalo, NY call Rapid Dry today at (585) 308-2264.