Home Mold Removal

home mold removal

Mold Can Often Grow in Out-of-the-Way Places. Stay Vigilant for the Signs to Call for Removal.

Few people would feel comfortable in a home they knew was contaminated with mold. In many cases, this discomfort becomes quite literal: one of the clearest indicators of mold comes from physical symptoms, such as fatigue, headaches, and congestion. As mold proliferates, these symptoms only worsen. At Rapid Dry Services, we can prevent this with comprehensive home mold removal.

Older homes especially can become vulnerable to an infestation of mold. As mold becomes more entrenched, it will eventually compromise a structure’s integrity and create the need for major repairs. You can avoid this through a quick call to Rapid Dry at (585) 308-2264. When it comes to home mold removal in Rochester and Buffalo, NY, trust our expert technicians.

Signs You Need Home Mold Removal

Home Mold Removal

The Moisture Present in the Bathroom Makes It a Natural Site for the Growth of Mold.

The secret to total mold remediation comes from thoroughness. At Rapid Dry Services, thoroughness stands as our watchword, and defines everything we do in relation to mold. To determine whether you need residential mold removal, schedule an inspection or look for the following signs.

Floods, Leaks, Burst Pipes: Anytime that water enters your home creates the possibility for mold. Though the water does not itself contain mold, it will trigger the activation of microscopic spores within your home. To prevent this, schedule a mold inspection to follow any water entry event.

Health Consequences: If you begin to feel fatigued or congested, or suffer from headaches while at home, you may have a mold problem. Mold has a definite impact on health, and physical symptoms can often provide the clearest indication of its presence. Since these symptoms will worsen as mold spreads, call for fast remediation.

Physical Appearance: Mold generally grows in dark, damp places. If it makes an actual appearance on your walls or ceiling, do not simply clean away the surface material. Call for full home mold removal, as an isolated appearance can signify a full-blown infestation behind your walls.

When you partner with Rapid Dry for home mold removal, you garner certain advantages. At our company, we:

  • Have full insurance and licensing for residential mold removal
  • Employ technicians with years of experience in mold detection
  • Use industrial-grade HEPA filters
  • Sterilize your home after mold removal
  • Stand firmly behind the quality of our workmanship

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Our mold removal services can ensure the safety and comfort of your home. Make sure to call us for an inspection at the first sign of mold. If ignored, mold will simply proliferate and create the need for more extensive repairs. The next time you need home mold removal in Rochester or Buffalo, NY, call us at (585) 308-2264.