Flood Restoration

Flood Restoration

Our Team Can Restore Your Property to its Pre-Flood Condition.

A flood in your home, whether from a natural disaster or plumbing malfunction, requires emergency assistance. At Rapid Dry Services, we practice a lightning-fast response to clients’ service requests, then make the repairs and begin the cleanup operation to return your life to normal. For a job as important as the restoration of your home or business, you need service you can trust. At Rapid Dry, we have set the standard for flood restoration throughout western NY.

Floods can leave a devastating amount of damage in their wake. Home or business owners faced with this damage can often feel hopeless about their options. Rapid Dry allows you to breathe a little easier, as our efforts on these projects can lead to near-miraculous results. If you ever need flood restoration in Rochester or Buffalo, NY, call the local experts at (585) 308-2264.

How Flood Restoration Works

Flood Restoration

Our Services Will Restore Your Structure and Prevent Against the Growth of Mold.

Though we tailor all of our restoration efforts to every job, we also follow a general process to ensure comprehensive quality. 

Emergency Contact: The first step falls on the shoulders of the client. When faced with a flood emergency, you must make the wise decision and call Rapid Dry for assistance. We maintain 24/7 availability for emergencies, and in most cases will have an expert, fully-licensed technician on-site within an hour.

Inspection and Assessment: Upon our arrival on the scene, we complete a full inspection and assessment to determine the scope of damage. For plumbing-related floods, we will also identify and stop the source of the leak. To determine safety levels, we also check for water contaminated with sewage or other pollutants.

Water Removal: We use powerful pumps for this procedure, which will remove the vast majority of water from a flooded structure or room. We will also locate and remove salvageable objects of importance, including documents, expensive electronics, or irreplaceable mementos.

Cleaning and Sanitizing: Once we remove the water, we need to ensure that the flooded space and salvaged goods have been fully cleaned and sanitized. Deodorization counts as part of this process.

Restoration: The final step, restoration returns the flooded structure or area to its pre-flood condition. If a flood has completely devastated your home or business, never fear: our restoration services can include extensive rebuilds when necessary.

Area Leaders for Flood Restoration

Rapid Dry Services specializes in water removal and flood restoration. If you suffer this unfortunate event in our service area, you can receive service from true industry leaders. For any flood restoration around Rochester and Buffalo, NY, give us a call today at (585) 308-2264.