Sewage Cleanup

Sewage Removal

Excessive Rainfall Can Cause Sewage to Overflow Drains.

Sewage that has invaded your property from a sewer leak, backed-up drain, or natural disaster needs immediate and professional cleanup. Major storms, in particular, create a significant possibility for sewage problems. When the lines beneath the street become too full from storm run-off, raw sewage will appear out of the nearest drain it can find. At Rapid Dry Services, we provide fast, professional, and sanitary sewage cleanup.

Rapid Dry Services only employs experienced, fully-licensed technicians. When you call us for sewage removal, you can expect a fast response and courteous service. We understand the inconvenience and health risk of sewage in your home or business, and perform efficient, thorough service. The next time you need sewage removal in Rochester or Buffalo, NY, give us a call at (585) 308-2264.

Advantages of Professional Sewage Cleanup

Sewage Removal

In Some Cases, Sewage Can Actually Make Its Way Up Your Pipes.

Exposure to raw sewage brings with it numerous health risks. You not only want it removed from your home, but also need professional assistance to protect your health. When you use Rapid Dry for your sewage removal, you also gain a few key advantages.

Complete Removal: Aside from the protection of your health, the primary reason to opt for sewage removal from Rapid Dry is the thoroughness of our service. Our removal specialists have decades of collective experience, and have the equipment and skills to provide comprehensive removal of all sewage and contaminated objects.

Sanitary Disinfection: Once we remove all sewage and standing water, we will next sanitize the space to ensure that no health risk remains. We also deodorize anything that came into contact with the sewage. Since high moisture creates the likelihood for mold, we can also dehumidify your business or home, and take care of any mold that has already developed.

Disposal and Restoration: Our expert technicians can determine what remains salvageable, and what you must discard from the sewage spill. Restoration then becomes the final step of the process. Regardless of how extensive the damages to your home or business, our restoration services can return things to normal.

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If you have sewage in your home, business, or on your property, do not hesitate to call Rapid Dry Services at (585) 308-2264. We can take the cleanup responsibility off your hands, and ensure that no one in your family or employment must risk their health. For all sewage cleanup in Rochester and Buffalo, NY, trust the local experts.