Water Seepage and Cracked Pipes

Water Seepage

Regardless of How Water Enters Your Home, Rapid Dry Represents the Solution.

Water in the basement is a common problem that many homeowners experience. This water can enter through a variety of portals, and is generally referred to as water seepage. Cracked pipes can also create major problems in regards to water in your basement. Regardless of the source, you want to have basement leaks remedied quickly. Water can accumulate quickly, leading to a flood situation. The presence of water also encourages the growth of mold.

At Rapid Dry Services, we offer complete solutions for both water seepage and cracked pipes. As flood recovery and water removal specialists, we understand all the ins and out of how water penetrates a home. Thanks to our team’s broad experience, we can complete the repairs to make these issues a thing of the past. If you have cracked pipes or water seepage in Rochester or Buffalo, NY, call us today at (585) 308-2264 to schedule service.

Causes of Cracked Pipes and Water Seepage

The plumbing for modern homes generally runs through the concrete slab. An unfortunate side effect of this occurs when the foundation shifts. These movements can crack the contained pipes, which creates a situation known as a slab leak. If you have a basement, cracked pipes and slab leaks can create significant problems. At Rapid Dry Services, we use the latest technology to locate your cracked pipes and make fast, expert repairs. 

Water seepage in your basement can occur for a few different reasons. Water that collects in the soil beneath your basement can become subject to an effect called hydrostatic pressure. If the soil has become saturated through excessive rainfall, the water table can rise. As the water meets the underside of your basement, hydrostatic pressure develops. This pressure will then force the water through any cracks present in your basement floor.

water seepage

Water that Collects in Window Wells Can Eventually Force Its Way Into a Basement.

A similar situation arises with topsoil around your foundation. At water collects here from excessive rainfall or faulty gutters, it will exert lateral pressure on your home. This pressure will force water through foundation cracks into your basement.

Window wells represent the final culprit for water seepage into a basement. Windows can make a basement a much more pleasant environment. In the event of heavy rainfall, water can collect in the window well and exert pressure on the window and its seals. Eventually, the water will penetrate to enter your basement.

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